Fast Up Air Ride Tank for 2014 and newer

Fast Up Air Ride Tank for 2014 and newer


This Fast Up air ride tank is designed to work with the Taildragger Air Ride for Harley Davidson and will work with most Air Ride Suspension systems such as Legends, Arnott, Dirty Air.  If using with a Legends system, be aware you most likely will need to upgrade to our 95C compressor and dump valve as well.  Some after market air rides use a 98C compressor which does not build sufficient pressure, you will need to upgrade to our 95C compressor.  Our fast up air tank is one of the first of it’s kind and the best on the market. It has one of the largest air reserve capacities with a sleek, unique design. That’s what makes it a top rated fast up air tank for Harley Davidson touring motorcycles.If you want a superior product with a clean look, we got you covered.Please contact us for details.  Please note airline size for your system.


Free Shipping!  Xotic Customs patented Air Tank for Instant Air.  IF YOU HAVE VANCE AND HINES pipes, please let us know so we send you the VModel.   This  Fast Up Air Tank bolts to the frame and does not require exhaust or bag modifications on stock bikes.  The Fat Up Air Tank holds between 32 and 40 oz of air depending on the year of the bike.  When ordering, please let us know if you have stock exhaust or after market exhaust.  CVO model bikes generally have a plug on the right side saddle bag, we have designed a mount to accommodate this.  Please note if your bike is a CVO with speaker lids.  Our tank mount will not work with the Custom Dynamics light filler plate.  Please call if you have questions about fitment for your bike.  2009 - 2013 models may have a mount for the saddle bag guard rails, if so the mount will need to be cut off to accommodate the tank.  Tank is not compatible with 2009 to 2013 that want to keep the saddle bag guard rails.  In most cases the hitch for a trailer will interfere with the tank mounting.

US Design Patent No. D791,296

Our tanks have been pressure tested to 800 PSI.  Bike model years '14 to newer and '08 and older hold 40 oz of air, bike model years '09 to '13 hold 32 oz of air. This is almost double the air of any competitor allowing you to run both rear and front air from one tank. No need to run a single exhaust, no need to take up valuable saddle bag space. The tanks have been tested to 800 PSI.  These tanks bolt on the stock Harley rear fender mounts between the rear fender and the right saddle bag. Now not only can you have the awesome comfortable ride of the Taildragger with standard 5/32 air line, but you can have the air Instantly! These tanks can be added to your current air suspension, and will raise the bike from bottom to top in 2 - 5 seconds. This is the best air ride for harley touring, the best air suspension tank available.

12 month warranty on all the parts of the Tank Kit.


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