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Remember it is spelled Xotic, no E – Ready to have the Best Air Suspenion for Harley Davidson installed?  Schedule your spot now to save $100 on a Taildragger or Electric Center Stand install.  We have the newest DDL Electric Center Stand to work with cross over pipes or the trusted MRI Electric Center Stand and the Manual EZ Up Center Stand.  Check the Event page for the next rally and where to find us.  Or have us install at our shop in Lincoln for a really great deal.

Wanting to change or add a seat for your bike, let us know what you would like and we will try to bring that style with us to the rallies.  Or get your seat sent to us and we can bring it to the rally for pick up. 

Xotic Customs is now officially a car and boat dealer in the State of Nebraska.  We have  vintage vehicles,  Harley Davidsons both vintage and new, a Cigarette Top Gun, a 24 ft Mariah.  Come check them out.  In addition,  we are an Arms Dealer!  Check out the new Cornfed Arms Facebook page.

November to April is the best time to get your boat interior done, plus its nice to dream of summer in the middle of a snow storm.

The paint department has been busy busy.  You will see many newly painted bikes in the Lincoln and Omaha area with custom designs that can only be created by Derek.  His paint skills are outstanding and his custom designs are over the top!  Keep watching our Facebook, Xotic Customs and Instagram @therealxoticcustoms, Tik Tok @xoticcustomstaildragger, for the newest and best.

We are just so very grateful to you for supporting us with your business, your kind comments and encouraging us to do better and better.

Please make comments and add our Facebook page for the most current info.