Compressor Bracket

Compressor Bracket



Brackets for 22CAL, 99C, 95C and compressors (also fits 98C, 97C, 92C, 90C), allows you to mount compressor(s) between the rear fender and right or left saddlebag.  Built from stainless steel.  Bracket design will vary with fitment.  Includes bushing for mounting all 90 series compressors with 2″ diameter motor, or you can take the bushing out to use for a larger model with 2.5″ diameter motor

*2014-Up brackets will not fit models equipped with BOOM! Audio with wire connectors in saddlebags (without re-routing wires)

*2009-2013 “CLASSIC” brackets fit models with black saddlebag supports that have a 4-hole tab welded on from the factory and will only fit 90 series compressors which have a 2″ diameter motor.  It will not allow fitment for larger models with 2.5″ diameter motors